About Us

The VOXPRIME products were designed by an engineering team led by two dynamic and visionary entrepreneurs. They believe that pursuing ones passion by creating not just good but great and compelling products is what great companies are built on.

Their history stems from over 40 years of combined experience. In 1996, they started a company that designs and manufactures both private labeled and OEM telephone paging amplifiers such as the Aiphone PG-20C, PG-50C and PG-100C.

In the mid 2000’s, the company changed its primary focus to become an engineering arm in testing and instrumentation for the telecom industry.  Over the past several years, they have worked on major joint development projects with companies such as Texas Instruments, Marconi, Alcatel, Emerson, Nortel and Genband.

In 2015, they were astounded over how the paging amplifier business hasn’t advanced over the years – the same old analog amplifiers designed few decades ago are still being sold today, where various complex and expensive external modules are required to achieve a minimum of functionality.

The door was wide open to introduce new products that would redefine the standards for the telephone paging amplifiers market. Therefore, they decided to do what they do best: to innovate.  As a result, the VOXPRIME products were born.

Today, their commitment and pride in building the most advanced telephone paging products, made right here in North America, is stronger than ever as they continue to develop new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition.