BV Communications

I just wanted to share my experience with the Voxprime product that we recently installed for a new supermarket outlet. The client which has several stores in the Montreal area was opening a new outlet. The client has decided to start converting their stores' telephony from the old legacy telephony platform to IP telephony. The first conversion was completed at their head offices. From there, they decided to deploy an IP telephony solution for their newest store. I have been using Algo and Snom products to convert old legacy analog overhead paging/intercom systems. In this case, we were starting from scratch. So, after doing a little research, I came across the Voxprime line of products. I ordered the Vox 100 SIP amp. It was very easy to install and configure and the level of support received from the Voxprime team has been exceptional. An added bonus is the fact that this is a Canadian designed product with support in English, French or Spanish! If you are looking for an overhead paging/intercom solution, look no further, Voxprime should be your go-to supplier. I know it is mine now.

Tasso Papadopoulos

DGL Télécom

Finally some innovation in the telephone paging amplifiers market!  The Voxprime products are truly amazing.  Especially the VOX-100+ with all its built-in features!  It is possible to enable or disable the music in any given zone, to also send some clock controlled chimes in any given zone, to access it via Internet and to remotely change any settings including the volume controls, upload new chimes, MP3s, change the schedule, etc...  The built-in Digital Feedback Terminator and Messaging System are also very convenient!  All this in a very simple and affordable product.  The sound quality is also superior compared to TOA and there is no white noise! Overall, this is truly an amazing product!

Francois Lavigne
President / DGL Télécom

Acier Charron

The VOX-100+ was recommended to us by our interconnect to replace our Valcom telephone paging system that we have been using for the past several years. Since we are working in a noisy environment it was difficult to hear the pages because the sound was not loud enough and was distorted. The VOX-100+ combined with the Voxprime horns (VOX-30AT) solved this problem. The sound is much louder than before and it is crystal clear. In addition, with the many features provided by the VOX-100+, we were able to incorporate clock-controlled chimes that indicate our different shifts, as well as creating a zone dedicated to the offices area where the chimes are not being played by the VOX-100+.  We are (the management and the employees of the plant) very satisfied with the performance offered by the Voxprime products.

Jocelyn Charron
General Manager / Acier Charron


We bought a VOX-30, some speakers and the VOX-SIP from Voxprime and I am beyond impressed! The products are great and priced very right (compared to Bogen).

Arie Reiser
President / Teliplus

Excel Telecom

Excel Telecom has had the pleasure and the chance to use Voxprime's products. What we appreciate most of Voxprime is: The service, the availability of human resources as well as the competitive prices of their products. We did not have the chance yet to test all their products but for what we used so far, everything was perfect!

Denis Fortin
Senior Consultant / Excel Telecom


We purchased our Voxprime VOX-100+ unit in March of 2016. The unit has performed flawlessly since it arrived in our facility. Setup was not difficult and the feature range of the unit is extensive. The support provided by the Voxprime team was outstanding. They really worked hard to make sure that we understood exactly how to install and operate the unit and what each of the features would do for us. The unit provided a significant cost savings for us as we were able to eliminate a costly PIKA unit that connected our VOIP telephone system to our existing Inter-M paging amplifier. The Voxprime unit took the place of the PIKA unit and the Inter-M legacy amplifier while providing a much wider range of features at a lower cost. Overall we are extremely pleased with the purchase and would definitely buy from Voxprime again in the future.

Andrew R. Moreau
Controller / WNA


In todays world all things must run on time and fitness is no exception. Our fitness business and team must operate in a timely manner, consistently and effectively, everyday 365 days a year. This is why when searching for a clock that breaks time down into intervals, Fit in 30 minutes chose Voxprime. iPod’s, timers and app’s were not up to the task and we lost all hope until we came across the VOX-SIP from Voxprime. After a quick phone call with one of their professional consultants we quickly realized these guy’s had figured it out and could deliver on the timing solution our team and business needed. Voxprime made the process easy, the payment was made online and our unit was programmed to our specifications.  It was shipped across Canada and we received it in the same week that it was ordered. The unit was easy to install and now our trainers always start and finish each and every single training session on time. Our clients immediately took notice and now get a more consistent experience every time. Bottom line, if your business can’t miss a beat then you must go Voxprime!

Jesse Benson
Owner / Fitin-30

Futur Tec

Voxprime’s customer service is exceptional, their products are up to date and the quality is without compromise.

Marco Mainville
President / Futur Tec


Very advantageous to buy directly from the manufacturer. In addition to having an outstanding service, it allows us to have technologically superior products at competitive prices.

Myriam-Annie Drouin